ChimpHD is the 'sequel' or follow up to the SpaceChimp2D engine.

It explores the same areas of interest, such as advanced next gen 2D rendering capabilities, but does it in a much more esoteric yet beautiful way. Namely; OpenCL & OpenTK.

On a Telsa, it will knock the world off it's feet. On a average consumer GPU, it will still pose a powerful 2D arsenal for you to compose your games with.

Future plans include guis, file managers, ides, the works. A commercial version is likely at some touch also.

The name?

Is derived from the name SpaceChimp + The fact this version is High Def/souped up.

Did you steal Mark's Monkey?

No. SpaceChimp was a team name touted by me during my time working with Kevin Mannens of 2012(The Movie) fame. I suggested it. Mark Sibly's Monkey programming language came out three years later. And borrowed quite heavily from my "Ambiguity Engine" idea of code translataion.

I also worked on a Basic language once called CodeMonkey.

So to sum up, and to answer, no I never stole the name from anyone.

Anyway....Mojo? Has he never visted England? :)

Good bloke. Mark. Though. Don't have a go.

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